St. Joe Kickers’ Indoor Soccer Rules & Guidelines

St. Joe Kickers Indoor Soccer Rules


Rules follow FIFA/USSF Laws of the Game with the following exceptions:

  • No Offside.

  • No slide tackling is allowed against an opponent.

  • Substitutions are “on the fly” — if a team interferes with play during a substitution, play is stopped and an IFK* is awarded to the offended team; repeat offenses shall be considered misconduct.

  • Full Field Games: a goalkeeper may not distribute the ball in the air past three lines** (throw, punt, drop-kick); no player may kick the ball in the air over three lines. For any violation the opponent shall be awarded an IFK at the center mark of the first blue line which the “three-line pass” crossed.

  • On throw-ins, opponents must be two yards from the sideline and may not impede the throw. A player may not throw the ball across three-lines nor directly into the opponent’s penalty area (if this occurs, the opponent’s team is awarded an indirect free kick).  A throw-in which does not come into the field of play is awarded to the opposite team (no second chances!)

  • Opponents must be five yards away on free kicks.

  • Goal Kicks: defenders must remain behind the blue line nearest their opponent’s goal and may not cross the blue line until the ball is in play. Once the ball is in play the defenders may cross the blue line and challenge for the ball.

  • If the ball hits the top net while in the field of play the result is an IFK at that spot to the opponents.

  • Any IFK in the penalty area is taken from the penalty mark. It is still an IFK, not a penalty kick!

  • On penalty kicks all players except the goalkeeper and penalty kicker must remain behind the first blue line until the ball is kicked.

  • The wire above midfield is in play.

  • In extreme instances the referee has the power to stop the clock within the last minute of each half.

*indirect free kick
**the three lines are the two defensive blue lines and the halfway line


General Guidelines

  • A maximum of three non-players are allowed in the team area. Youth teams must have at least one designated responsible adult occupy the team area during each game.

  • Players may take personal possessions into the team area but must not interfere with play.

  • Only water is allowed on the turf — no other drink is allowed.

  • Gum is strictly forbidden on the playing field.

  • Only turf shoes, “flats”, futsal shoes, running shoes, or tennis shoes are allowed — no outdoor cleats.

  • The team occupying the east side of the field (far end) kicks off — no coin toss.

  • Players must wear shin guards covered by stockings; players may not wear jewelry, even if it is “taped.”

  • All players must be registered and rostered on the team for which they play.

  • In full-field games a team must field four players or forfeit.

  • Teams are responsible for the behavior of their spectators.

  • A player who receives a blue card will be suspended from play for two minutes. During that time his team shall play “short” (down one player) unless the opponent scores, in which case a player other than the person serving the two-minute suspension may enter the game to bring that team back to “full strength.” The blue-carded player may return to play after serving his two-minute suspension.

  • A team which has a player sent-off (red carded) may not allow a substitute for that player.

  • Adults who are sent-off (red carded) must leave the building.

  • Games are played in two 21-minute halves; halftime periods are two minutes in length. Games MUST start on time!

  • In case of color conflict the team listed second on the schedule shall effect a change.

Expectations for Fair Play


The St. Joe Kickers Sport Club, Inc. and the St. Joe Kickers Indoor Soccer League expect its players and coaches to conduct themselves within the rules and principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. It is each team’s responsibility to have its members abide by all requirements of the club and league, whose rules and regulations govern the Code of Conduct. The complete Code of Conduct and Player Expectations is available from the St. Joe Kickers Indoor Soccer Manager. Please note the following items pertaining to legal participation.

  • Illegal participation: A player who participates in a St. Joe Kickers Indoor Soccer League game without proper registration shall be banned from further participation in the league for a period of one year. All games in which that player participates shall be forfeited. An individual may play for only one team per division.*^ Each player participating on any team must have a waiver on file with the St. Joe Kickers and be rostered on that team. A team may add or remove players after the season begins, but prior request must be made to the St. Joe Kickers Indoor Soccer Manager or his designee and all necessary waivers must be filed before initial participation.

  • Falsification of records. A player, coach, manager, or team official who alters or falsifies a roster or player registration or knowingly allows a suspended or banned player to participate shall receive a one-year suspension.


* exception: a female may also play for a male team in the same division, but not vice versa.
^ any player may participate in a division above his/her age grouping (e. g., a middle school player may also participate on a high school team). But a “B”-group player could not also participate on an “A”-group team and vice versa.