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Join St. Joe Kickers

What does it take to be a “Kicker”?


The St. Joe Kickers Sport Club of Southwest Michigan was founded in 1953 by a small group of recently arrived German immigrants. Since then the Kickers has expanded to bring in thousands of like-minded local residents seeking fellowship based upon the love of the world’s greatest sport – offering outdoor & indoor soccer leagues with a new state-of-the-art indoor soccer facility.


In addition to opportunities to excel on the playing field, the Kickers Club also offers such benefits as weekly club nights, fun events throughout the year, holiday parties, family outings and reduced rates on facility rentals.


General Requirements


  • Any person of good moral character who agrees with the purpose of this organization shall be eligible for membership

  • All persons submitting application for membership shall be subject to acceptance or rejection by a majority vote by the Board of Directors

  • It shall be the right of any Board member to request a secret ballot


Membership Fees

  • Initiation fee is $500 per family - which can be paid in full or in installments:

    • Installment plan

      • Pay $150 (towards initiation fee) + $50 (annual membership dues) at time of application = $200

    • For the next seven years, the applicant pays $50 (towards initiation fee) + $50 (annual membership dues) = $100

  • After seven years, the member pays $50 per year

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